Nate didn’t come out of the womb with a camera in hand. He didn’t attend 100 weddings as a child, wear bowties to school or always know he wanted to be a wedding videographer.

But Nate takes 2 hours to go to the grocery store because he always runs into someone and wants to hear how their day is going and half the time he comes home having made a new friend. He loves hearing people’s stories and that love is what put him into the business of storytelling.

Nate has traveled across the islands, the country and the world just to tell a good story through film because he believes that everyone has a story worth telling.

Nate met Jenna in 6th grade and they got married at 19 (another reason why he’s a fan of love and marriage). They moved from Oregon to Maui and had two awesome kiddos.

When Nate doesn’t have a camera in hand you can find him traveling or adventuring around Maui with his family, surfing or skateboarding, playing guitar or beat-boxing in his sleep.